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Many new homeowners have trouble trying to imagine things and are not able to visualize how any proposed design will look in the context of their own home. When they see a design in the form of two-dimensional drawings and images, they are not able to translate it to a 3D real-life format.

Enter today’s new-age software! Digital technology has redefined how designers work, and by using the latest 3D technology platforms, they can communicate and present their ideas to customers in a better light. At DesignCore, we use our own proprietary virtual interior design platform, aptly called DesignCore, to collaborate with our customers on their customized design journey. Here’s how we can bring your imagination to life.

DesignCore is a high-tech 3D platform that converts images of your empty home to realistic images of your proposed design interior, as it will look when completed. We work with the dimensions and spaces that you provide, and incorporate the design layouts that you have picked, merging the ideas to show you how your finished home will look. Sounds like magic? We do agree; it’s a little bit of technological magic! 

How It’s Work?

  • You will log in to the DesignCore platform at the same time as your designer. As virtual interaction happens in real-time, you can be in two different places and have a seamless dialogue.
  • The platform offers video or voice-led conversations, as per your convenience.
  • Share your home plan and pictures with your designer.
  • Based on the layouts, color schemes, and specific materials that you have picked already, your designer will instantly create 3D representations of the proposed décor of each room in your new home.
  • You can change the design and color options, and store pictures of each option to be able to compare them later.
  • You will be shown the cost implications of each such design change instantly.
  • Armed with accurate 3D images and information on the corresponding cost outlays, you can make your final choices.

Your entire family can participate in the conversation, which makes it all the easier to finalize and freeze your designs! What’s more, this entire interaction can take as little time as an hour. That’s the DesignCore advantage for you.

As DesignCore’s prime customer Dr. Harsh Jain had to say, “Our previous discussions with interior designers took several hours and weren’t fruitful. We ended up with a wide gap between our requirements and the design proposed. With DesignCore, this gap was narrowed down in the first session itself, and within an hour. Thanks to DesignCore, we could visualize our kitchen accurately. Also, we stayed within our budget.”

There are some host of significant benefits that DesignCore brings to you.

  • DesignCore takes away all the guesswork! What you see is what you get.
  • This technology completely removes all misunderstandings and miscommunications. You choose what is on the screen, and everything is neatly documented.
  • You can see several options before you make your final choice.
  • Make your design decisions quickly and save on time.
  • This technology allows you to work from wherever you are; there is no need to travel to meet the designer. You can finalize your designs right from the comfort of your living room. This works especially well for customers who are overseas and wish to do up their homes in India.

DesignCore has made the process of design and reviews seamless, enabling quicker decisions and complete transparency with regard to budget and layout. Now you can narrow down your options and make the décor choices that are perfect for you and your family, in a fraction of the time that traditional designing would take. So, what are you waiting for? Book a virtual meeting now!

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